TCZ deals in OEM’s industries as well as product manufacturing company. We provide comprehensive solution for surface treatment & coating solution. our solution is shine to product quality & minimum rejection. As per costumer need we suggest painting plant (liquid & powder coating).

General few’s industries as:-

Automobile industries:            Car body with accessories, Commercial vehicle & body, E-Rickshaw & etc.
Bicycle & Bike:                        Bicycle mudguard, bicycle frame, Bike silencer, Bike frame & body.
Wood product:                        Wood items.
Medical equipment’s :             Hospital bed & others.
Machinery manufacturing:      Motor, Gearbox,Pump, Valve, Coupling, Bearing, Spring, Screw, Nut Bolt etc
Metal manufacturing:              Iron, Steel, Aluminum.
Plastic industries:                    Plastic toy, Helmet, Electrical switch & board. etc.
Appliance industries:               Fan, Geyser, Air conditioning, Refrigerator, Iron, & kitchen items etc.
Telecom & electronics:            Computer, Mobile, TV, LCD, LED,
Agricultural industry:                Harvester equipment,tractors equipment etc